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This is a little bit of an experiment. This site could be called a collection of evergreen notes, a public zettelkasten or a wide ranging pattern language. It is intended primarily for myself but others should feel free to look through it. It has been inspired by so many things I find it impossible to list all of them here. I'll add things to an inspiration page as I remember or rediscover them. Or even discover new things which seem relevant.


The source files for this pattern language can be found on my sourcehut. If you have any questions feel free to ask them on Mastodon


Topics are the kind-of 'hub' subjects that feel natural to me. This won't be an exhaustive list. Instead, an evolving list of the currently most high-level and commonly-edited topics. The ones my own personal machine-learning algorithm have said are most important.


Reasonable starting points - these are where the things I'm writing about are coming from. In no particular order.